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Child Custody - Parenting Time

Fighting for the custody of your child can be emotionally and financially draining. Children should not be dragged into divorce proceedings, but unfortunately, they are often an integral part of the divorce. Custody involves two parts: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody is where the child or children will physically reside. Legal custody determines who has the legal right to make decisions on behalf of the child or children.


As a divorced dad with custody of my youngest daughter, I fully understand and appreciate the emotions you feel. Typically, the courts in Michigan look at what is in the best interest of the child in determining legal and physical custody. I have much experience handling custody disputes, as well as representing the rights of a non-custodial parent, or parent who believes the child's best interest may be served by their spouse maintaining physical custody.


Physical custody can also affect child support obligations. I can discuss the financial impact of custody and visitation schedules. You should know and understand the facts so you can make informed decision regarding custody issues. Also, if you are already divorced, and circumstances change, such as your child's environment, the custodial parent moving out of state, or other significant change in circumstances, I can assist you in seeking a post-divorce child support modification. I represent custodial and non-custodial parents.

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