Law Office of Thomas Loeb

Experienced Michigan Law Attorney
Based in southfield Michigan, trial attorney Thomas M. Loeb represents clients throughout Michigan, with a concentration in the following areas of law:
Criminal Law

Being falsely accused of a crime can be a terrifying experience. You need an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer in your corner as soon as possible. The legal system can appear confusing, threatening, and frightening, often all at once. With the help of Attorney Thomas Loeb, however, we can overcome this. After 30 years of skilled and aggressive criminal defense work throughout Michigan, I have helped thousands of people accused of all varieties of crimes, including:

  • DRUG CRIMES: Anyone accused of possession, sale, trafficking, transport, manufacture or cultivation of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine ("meth") should secure a lawyer as soon as possible.
  • DRUNK DRIVING (OWI): Sometimes referred to as DWI or OUI. I have extensive experience representing persons charged with an alcohol-related offense and have significant experience representing clients facing a felony OWI.
  • WHITE COLLAR CRIMES: I have extensive experience representing people accused of a range of 'white-collar' offenses including credit card, financial, and securities fraud, as well as embezzlement, conspiracy, and immigration crimes.
  • FEDERAL CRIMES:  Federal courts are very different from state courts. I am an experienced federal trial attorney, a necessity for anyone accused of federal crime including computer crimes, mail fraud, money laundering, and tax violations. 


Civil Law

  • CIVIL SUITS AGAINST LAW ENFORCEMENT: I will vigorously pursue litigation against law enforcement personnel who abuse or violate the rights of my clients.
  • GRIEVANCE DEFENSE: I represent lawyers, doctors, nurses, and other licensed professionals when they are accused of violations of their professional standards.


Family Law

  • DIVORCE: With compassion and full attention to your needs, I can help you through the divorce process as painlessly as possible, while working hard to get you the best possible results. ​
  • CHILD CUSTODY: I understand how emotionally draining child custody issues can be. I will work with you to obtain a child custody arrangement that will best suit you and your child or children.
  • CHILD SUPPORT: Michigan child support is based on a formula; I will explain the formula to you, and work with you to see that you pay or receive the proper child support. I understand circumstances can change significantly, and I will work with you to have your child support obligations modified accordingly.
  • DIVISION OF PROPERTY: Michigan is not a community property state. It is an equitable distribution state. And fault can sometimes be a factor in dividing property or debt. I will work with you to understand your objectives and develop a strategy to best accomplish your goals.