"Hey Tom, just wanted to let you know that I really respect you as a lawyer and appreciate the consistent wisdom and professionalism you share with all of us on Darrow. You are one of the best lawyers I know. Thanks, Bruce"


"I recently had a trial with Mr. Loeb, and was very impressed with his performance. It was a pleasure to conduct a jury trial with such a true professional."

Jonathan Paul, DUI / DWI Attorney in Ann Arbor, MI

Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter

"Tom is truly an amazing attorney. He has been a mentor to me as well as many lawyers all over Michigan. Tom gave me the opportunity to watch him conduct a complex criminal trial that resulted in the jury rendering a not guilty verdict. I endorse this lawyer."

Aaron Boria, Criminal Defense Attorney in Plymouth, MI 

Relationship: Worked together on matter


"Tom is an incredibly knowledgeable, talented attorney who I would recommend to anyone seeking a trial attorney. I met Tom through the Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan, where he serves on the teaching faculty for the Trial College and small groups at conferences. Tom's intelligence and talent is apparent from the moment you meet him, and on top of that, he truly cares for the clients he represents."

Keeley Heath, Criminal Defense Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community


"I endorse this lawyer. Tom Loeb is well respected for his work in criminal defense and police misconduct cases. He has the legal knowledge, skills, and dedication to his clients that allow him to achieve the best results possible. Whether in federal court or state court, Tom is well respected by the prosecutors, judges and court staff."

Chad Engelhardt, Medical Malpractice Attorney in Ann Arbor, MI

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community


"Be aware that within the realm of lawyers and "litigators," there are two kinds. Are you sure that the lawyer you're considering is the right kind? What I am talking about are those lawyers who take on your case knowing that they intend to "settle out" or "take a plea," and have no true intention of ever taking your case all the way because, are you ready for this...they're afraid! This results in YOU getting less than what you deserve. Want to avoid this problem? Call Tom Loeb. What Tom understands is that the willingness to go all the way, and the experience to overcome the challenges presented by each case and actually WIN, are what gives you the best odds at those early stages anyway. Tom doesn't just HAVE trial skills, he TEACHES trial skills to other lawyers who wish they did, at the Wayne County Criminal Advocacy Program, the CDAM Trial College, and the Institute of Continuing Legal Education. If LAWYERS turn to Tom with legal problems, why shouldn't you?"

Brian Prain, Criminal Defense Attorney in Romulus, MI

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

"Not guilty after about 30 minutes of deliberation. I need to thank anyone who has ever mentored me in any way, especially Tom Loeb, for whom I recently second-chaired. And of course, everyone at Trial College. I don't know if I would have pulled this off without that training."

Robert Switzer


Peer Endorsements

Experienced Michigan Law Attorney

Law Office of Thomas Loeb

"I have known Tom for many years, and he is one of the brightest lawyers in Michigan. Although I am endorsing him as a criminal defense lawyer, he is also one of the best lawyers in Michigan to handle police misconduct cases as well as lawyer disciplinary issues. Tom has an outstanding reputation throughout the state. He is an excellent attorney."

William Maze, in Livonia, MI

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community


"I wanted to mention that I've been watching Loeb at trial for the past couple days - outstanding witness control and knowledge of facts on cross-exam!  He definitely gives the jurors the impression that "he is the guy who knows what's going on" - the guy they should listen to and trust when it comes to disputed matters.  Seeing this really gives me something to shoot for!  We young lawyers out there should all jump at the chance to second-chair him and lend him a hand - we all could learn LOTS."

Brian J. Prain The Law Office of Brian J. Prain, PLLC


"I second that assessment of Tom Loeb's control and knowledge of law.  During our pre-exam hearing on Ferndale Clinical Relief medical marijuana raid, I was amazed at Tom's knowledge of law and spot-on objections.  I relied on him.  So did judge Longo. What a great feeling having him on my side!"

Cheryl A. Carpenter, co-counsel


"Way to go Tom! I'm not surprised at your success! You're so skillful with cops this case was right up your alley. I agree that crossing cops is different from other witnesses because they routinely evade the questions. Sounds like a good cross for Trial College. In this case, my client was a manager of a college restaurant and bar. A patron was acting unruly and was disrupting the premises. The patron refused repeated requests to 'just leave!'. When the patron began coming over the bar to attack the manager, the manager pepper sprayed him in self defense. The patron turned out to be an off duty officer! The officer orchestrated a false charge of felonious assault, a felony under Michigan law."

Charlotte Steffen Ramirez

"Tom is a major heavyweight in both the criminal defense and plaintiff civil rights areas of law in Michigan. Tom was my professor at trial college and is an absolute legend in our field. I call Tom all of the time when I have legal questions, and being that he is the Guru of criminal law, he always knows the right answer. Tom routinely hammers police forces for violating our civil rights, and the next day he'll be in court getting a not guilty on a murder trial. Whenever I have a client who has been abused by the police, I give them Tom's number because he's the one person out there I trust to do the best job for my clients. And trust me, I'm not the only attorney who feels that way. Additionally, if you are staring at major time in prison, hiring the right lawyer is crucial. Tom has been winning major federal and state cases for a very long time, and will give you the best chance of winning yours."

James Amberg, Criminal Defense Attorney in Bloomfield Hills, MI 

Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community